Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh is a researcher within the fields of law and theology. He studied Theology at the Sorbonne, History of Law at the Pantheon in Paris and comparative science of Islam and Christianity at the University of Lyon. He holds two doctorates as a result of his studies. He is mostly known for his research in the field of Gnosticism, Islam and Christianity and for his advocacy for Human Rights. His activities focus on the spiritual development of the individual human being for creating an human society full of love, peace and tolerance with respect towards Human Rights.


Dr. Azmayesh is not only a researcher but also a Gnostic. To be a Gnostic means to apply knowledge in practical ways; and to have practical experience concerning the subtle energy spheres. He is a renowned Sufi master and a strong advocate for human rights globally, having spoken on a number of occasions at various United Nations human rights conferences. He has published numerous books such as: “New Researches on the Quran” and “The Pearl of Sufism”. He has been recognised by Watkins Mind and Spirit Magazine as one of the top 100 spiritually influential living people in the world.

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The spiritual school of “Substantial Evolution”, is founded by Dr. Azmayesh which uses the method of heart meditation in order for the students to step by step leave the desires of the Ego and to lead an altruistic life based on principles of tolerance, love and humility. Dr. Azmayesh participates in scientific dialogues with other researchers, such as Rupert Sheldrake, Pim van Lommel, Jay Lakhani and Markus Peters. He is also an returning expert speaker in the field of Islam and his work includes talks in the UN as well as meetings and interviews with members of the European Parliament regarding Human Rights.

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